J’ai commencé ce blog pour écrire mes sentiments, mais je n’ai pas décidé quelle langue je vais choisir pour m’exprimer. Je pense en tant que lecteur les gens peuvent être perdus.
Néanmoins, je veux m’exprimer en deux différentes langues car je pense que chaque langue reflète des sentiments différents. Je suis vraiment désolée pour les fautes grammaticales, les fautes d’orthographe et de conjugaison que je vais faire. Pardonnez-moi s’il vous plaît.
Je suis marocaine, et le français est ma seconde langue. La langue du colonisateur, cette langue et ses propriétaires ont trop affecté mon pays.
Je pense que ce contexte historique que partagent plusieurs pays africains nous a donné un avantage en ce qui concerne l’apprentissage des langues. Mais ne me comprenez pas mal je ne dis pas qu’ils nous ont rendu un service.
Au contraire, cet avantage dont je parle peut être considérer comme inconvénient aussi car nous sommes devenus vulnérables face à leur culture et parfois même nous choisissons d’abandonner nos cultures et nos traditions juste pour paraître plus « sophistiqué ». Alors que c’est le moment et nous sommes très en retard même pour que nous les africains ait le courage de prendre notre indépendance et d’être fiers de nos racines.
Je sais que c’est un peu ironique d’envoyer ce message en utilisant la langue du colonisateur mais c’est une langue qui nous réunit.

Je vous souhaite toutes et tous une très bonne année

A girl in a man’s world

Hi again, I don’t know if I’ll ever get any readers but I want to write my feelings and my views. Maybe by writing them I’ll be somehow relieved this is my thought as I created this blog. I wanted a place where I can be free I can say whatever I want.

First, here is a little background informations about me. I am a young woman from Morocco, and I am muslim and proud. English isn’t my native language but I love it, I find it so smooth and I can express myself very well through it by using the simplest words. Oh, and I am the eldest of four siblings. I know that I’ll be making a lot of mistakes so sorry for that.

So, the first issue I want to talk about is gender inequality. As I’m writing this two word my eyes fill up with tears. Because it’s a very hard reality of the world we live in. Some of us feel it and suffer through it more than others but it still present unfortunately. It’s present in our homes, our work place, in schools, in the streets and list goes on.

I have experienced it all, but I’m still here wanting to prove this man’s world wrong . Women achieved a lot yet men still don’t want to acknowledge it, except a minority of course, and that’s because they are threatened by us. Well as much as my short experience goes, I’ve learnt to live with it as the urban saying goes  » haters gonna hate ».

But today I want to talk to you about the gender inequality that I face at home, and I think girls from all over the world face it and maybe it’s more persistent in our arab world. Boys/ men have always been treated well. I don’t complain about that, it’s just that the girls/ women get the opposite treatment. And sometimes it’ll be a situation where the thing is taken from the girl just so that the boy can have it. And these situations hurt a lot.

It is always worse when a girl gets this treatment from her family, from someone who is supposed to have her back. It’s not that the want the worst for us girls, it’s that they want their boys to have the best and there daughters come second all the time.

So what I want to way from all this big rant. is that I can handle the world treating me badly, I can stand up for myself but when it comes from the closest people it’s a stab in the heart.

Thank you for enduring my rant

Love in Life

Sometimes we feel so alone that we can do anything to escape this feeling, in these times specially we remember people that once were part of our life even if they were there just for a bit yet there impact is huge. I loved once and I actually miss that feeling even though I was the one putting an end to it. That person will be forever a part of me even though till this day I still think that I loved him more, I gave more. I’m not sure if he ever loved me or just liked the fact that I was there. I know he didn’t mean to but I was hurt because I loved him so much, it felt like a big injustice that I couldn’t go on anymore.

He was shocked when I ended it because he never expected something like that from me because I was so vulnerable, when it came to him I lost everything just him saying hi was enough to make me happy but that day I put a sword to my heart and said it.With all of this said I want to say I loved you and you’ll always be in my heart. I wish you all the best in life.

Thank you for passing by.

P.S: Pic by me